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Kaputaş Beach is a beautiful and popular beach located in southwestern Turkey, specifically in the Antalya province. It is situated between the towns of Kaş and Kalkan and is known for its stunning natural scenery. The beach is renowned for its picturesque setting, characterized by steep cliffs that surround a small cove with crystal-clear turquoise waters. Visitors are often mesmerized by the striking contrast between the deep blue sea and the white sandy beach. The beach itself is relatively small, stretching for about 150 meters (490 feet), but its natural beauty attracts both locals and tourists alike.

The beach offers various amenities for visitors, including sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as a small kiosk where you can purchase snacks and refreshments. The calm and clear waters make it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. However, it's worth noting that there are no lifeguards on duty, so it's important to take necessary safety precautions while enjoying the water.

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Located between Kaş and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey

How to get there:

Public Transportation: Public transportation options to Kaputaş Beach are limited, but it is possible to reach there using a combination of buses and taxis. From major cities like Antalya, Fethiye, or Kaş, you can take a bus to the nearby town of Kalkan. From Kalkan, you can hire a taxi or take a dolmuş (shared minibus) to Kaputaş Beach. Dolmuş services usually run during the summer season and can be more convenient and affordable than taxis.

By Road: If you are already in Turkey or in the vicinity, you can reach Kaputaş Beach by road. The beach is situated between the towns of Kaş and Kalkan on the D400 coastal highway.

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