My name is Sam, I’m just like you: explorer, backpacker, passionate traveller who is not constrained by a single border. I am constantly looking to enrich my next travels. Originally from Canada, my homeland is often only a temporary stop while I continue to look for new destinations that will emerge me into the wonderful places that the world has to offer. Remember : Leave nothing but footprints and respect the locals!

Samuel Plante Backpacker
I want to make your travel planning experience as smooth as possible

I created Fenceless out of a passion for travel and I sincerely believe that travelers are the warmest, most unifying and friendly human beings in the world. Thats why i worked sinced 2017 on this Off-The-Beaten path travel guide for travellers! It was not always easy! Lots of mistakes, lots of research and programming. Beautiful collaborations which led to results that I am more than satisfied!

I encourage all visitors to leave a trace of their experiences and memories to enrich and facilitate the trip planning of our fellow backpackers. I hope that my work gives you a helping hand in planning your next trip and that it lives up to your expectations!

Fenceless Travel – We share discoveries



My mission

Fenceless is a community for travellers, founded in the principle of sharing knowledge. We encourage our users to exchange adventures and advice they may have regarding their favorite travel destinations around the world. Our goal is to facilitate travel planning. To this extent, we give our community a chance to take a glance at a variety of travel destinations. We provide further insight about a specific place’s whereabouts, activities and much more! We want to promote the “Leave No Trace” movement. This is based on the notion of minimizing impact practices for travellers that enjoy visiting the outdoors, all while protecting natural spaces and local communities.

Some of our latest travel memories

brands I proudly support

Notice the reckless brand

Notice the reckless

Inspired by travels, surf and snowboard, our clothes are designed for limitless adventures. The original idea was to share the spirit of the places we've ended up in during our journeys through this brand. We then created original, comfortable and good quality clothes shaped up for your lifestyle.

othersea bikini

Othersea bikini

Othersea bikini is a handmade swimwear company with concern for the environment and well-being in Quebec city. "Our greatest wish is that every woman accepts herself in all her facets and can proudly wear a bikini in which she feels beautiful and confident. Our goal is to offer an ever larger and more diversified range of choices in order to suit as many silhouettes and needs as possible. Live body diversity!"

ouisurf logo


Oui.Surf is more than an online destination to discover everything related to surfing and travel through the production, distribution of series, anecdotes or even practical chronicles. It is a meeting point, the voice, the ears and the eyes to allow you to explore what is happening on dry land but mainly in the waves from here or elsewhere. Thanks to Quebec surfers and collaborators who make this sport a way of life and a passion, community spirit is an integral part of our essence and governs our actions.

4ocean logo


4ocean was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. As both a public benefit corporation and Certified B Corp, we’re committed to ending the ocean plastic crisis.

osprey backpack

Osprey packs

Find the best-fitting, finest-quality, eco-friendly backpacks and gear for hiking, biking, commuting and travel over mountain, trail and road. INNOVATION. INTEGRITY. QUALITY. RESPECT. STEWARDSHIP.

Freelandco logo

Freeland company

Freeland is a company based in Quebec City that specializes in the design and manufacture of off-road equipment. We are engineering enthusiasts and love to explore off the beaten path. This happy blend of passions is reflected in our quality products that will never let you down.