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A unique thrilling experience

Canada's most famous standing wave

The H67 wave is created by fast-moving water that hits underwater boulders. This phenomenon creates a wave that can reach a height of two metres and can by surfed on by kayak or surfboard. The optimal flow for the wave is somewhere around 7200. It is easier for beginners when the flow is near the high 7000′s. The surf is dangerous in the winter due to the ice chunks going down the river. If you are looking to get started in river surfing or to rent some equipment, we recommend taking a course with KSF Montreal at: https://ksf.ca

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Located on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec

How to get there:

You can get there by bus, taxi, metro or by driving your own car. If so, you must park on the side of the road. If you decide to opt for public transportation, note that you cannot bring your surfboard with you. The H67 Wave is located in the Saint Lawrence river at 2600 Av Pierre-Dupuy, Montreal, QC, Canada, H3C 3R6.

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  1. A great place for river surfing. A very urban and particularly crowded spot. There is another similar wave (wave to guy) close by, more for beginnersA great place for river surfing. A very urban and particularly crowded spot. There is another similar wave (vague à Guy) close by.

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