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One of the most beautiful fjords in the world

Known for its picturesque scenery

Geirangerfjord is a fjord located in the western part of Norway, in the county of Møre og Romsdal. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and is a popular tourist destination. The fjord is approximately 15 kilometers long and is surrounded by steep mountains that rise up to 1,500 meters above sea level. Geirangerfjord is known for its picturesque scenery, including waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters and the Suitor, as well as the famous Geiranger Skywalk, which provides stunning views of the fjord from a height of 1500 meters. The fjord is also a popular spot for activities such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking. The area surrounding Geirangerfjord is home to several small villages, including Geiranger, which is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can take a cruise along the fjord, or explore the surrounding area on foot or by bike. The region is also known for its local cuisine, which features fresh seafood and traditional Norwegian dishes.

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located in the western part of Norway, in the county of Møre og Romsdal.

How to get there:

By road, the most common way to get to Geiranger is by driving the scenic route from Ålesund or from the town of Andalsnes. The drive from Ålesund takes approximately 2.5 hours, while the drive from Andalsnes takes around 2 hours.

If you prefer to take a ferry, you can take the ferry from the town of Hellesylt to Geiranger. The ferry operates from May to September and takes around 1 hour.

While public transport options are limited in the Geiranger area, it is still possible to reach Geirangerfjord by using a combination of buses and ferries.

Another option is to take a cruise from Bergen or other nearby cities. Several cruise lines offer cruises that include stops in Geirangerfjord.

Once you arrive in Geiranger, you can explore the area by foot or by renting a bike or kayak. There are also several tour operators that offer guided tours of the area.

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