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One of the most beautiful attractions in Ecuador

A majestic setting

The protected area of Cotopaxi National Park is home of the Cotopaxi volcano which is the second highest peak in Ecuador at an elevation 5897m. You can hike this perfect snow cone volcano, with or without a guide, for a total hike of 8-10 hours, round-trip, debuting from the parking lot. You should bring proper gear suitable for altitude hiking.

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Located in the Cotopaxi Province, Napo Province and Pichincha Province, roughly 50 km south of Quito

How to get there:

Note, that there is no public transportation buses that enter the Cotopaxi National Park. However, you can take the bus to reach Lasso, and then take a taxi or a 4×4 service transporation towards the National Park. Finally, you can also hire a tour operator or a rental car to visit the National Park.

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2 Responses

  1. If you are in good shape, you can prepare yourself and climb the entire volcano to the top! I highly recommend hiring a guide. Most guide companies offer all the equipment necessary for the ascent: crampons, harnesses, winter equipment, etc.

    For others, you can simply go to the refuge (45min-1h from the parking lot). You can also go and observe the glacier which is a 20-30min walk from the refuge.

    Enjoy !

  2. So impressive!!! Be sure to acclimate well before going there, even for the day trip. It is so high, some people on our day tour puke and had huge headache!

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