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It hugs the near-vertical face of the mountain

A geological unconformity

Chapman's Peak Drive is a scenic route located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a toll road that winds along the coastline between Noordhoek and Hout Bay, offering breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains, and the surrounding landscape. The road is approximately 9 kilometers long and features 114 curves, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is also a popular route for cyclists and runners due to its challenging terrain and scenic views. Today, Chapman's Peak Drive is known for its stunning views, which include the Atlantic Ocean, Hout Bay, and the surrounding mountains. It is also home to several lookout points and picnic areas, where visitors can stop and take in the scenery. If you're planning to visit Chapman's Peak Drive, be sure to check the weather forecast and road conditions beforehand, as the road can be closed due to heavy rain or strong winds.

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A change of latitude would help my attitude.

Located between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south-western tip of South Africa

How to get there:

To get to Chapman’s Peak Drive, you can take a taxi or drive yourself. If you’re driving, you can follow the M6 coastal road from Cape Town, which will take you through the suburb of Hout Bay. From there, follow the signs for Chapman’s Peak Drive.

Chapman’s Peak Drive is a popular route for cycling enthusiasts, and many people enjoy cycling along this scenic route. However, it’s important to note that the road is quite challenging, with steep hills and sharp curves, so it may not be suitable for beginners.

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