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A diverse wildlife conservation park

Home to more than 600 elephants

Addo Elephant Park is a national park located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It was established in 1931 to protect the last remaining elephants in the area, which had been hunted to the brink of extinction. Today, it is home to over 600 elephants, as well as other wildlife such as lions, buffalo, black rhinos, and a variety of antelope species. The park covers an area of over 1,600 square kilometers and features a diverse range of landscapes, from dense thicket to open savannah. Visitors can explore the park on guided game drives or self-drive safaris, and there are also a number of hiking trails for those who prefer to explore on foot. In addition to its wildlife, Addo Elephant Park also offers a number of other attractions, including the Zuurberg Mountains, which offer spectacular views over the park, and the beautiful Sundays River, which is ideal for canoeing and fishing. Overall, Addo Elephant Park is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in experiencing South Africa's natural beauty and wildlife.

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Located close to Gqeberha in South Africa

How to get there:

Decide on your mode of transportation: The Addo Elephant Park is located about 72km north-east of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. You can either rent a car or take a guided tour to get to the park. Pay your entrance fees: You will need to pay an entrance fee to enter the park. You can pay this fee at the park gate or online through the South African National Parks website

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