Why backpack travelling ?

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By: Samuel Plante

Why such a strong and present love for travel?

When you zoom out a bit, it’s literally going to a place where you’ve never been…? That’s it? Really.

I really pay 1000$ for a plane ticket, to go see a place that looks like home but a little different?

…Yes but no

When traveling, your true self is reborn.

Credit: Krisztian Toth

That moment when you set foot in a new environment and you don’t associate with anything at all. No landmarks, completely disorganized and all you can do is let yourself go and feel, observe, soak up the way of life, the cadence and the rhythm. It’s scary but exciting at the same time!

When traveling, you are not asked the famous boring question: “What do you do for a living? We are not talking about money, we are not talking about houses or salary. While traveling, we create real HUMAN connections! People want to know who you are and where are you from? Everyone is on the same level, there is no social hierarchy. You can’t hide behind your big salary, your BMW or your Snapchat filter.

It’s your real person connecting with other real people. No comparison of material goods, the perception of others is in no way biased because we only find them, their good vibes and their backpack.

One wonders why friendships are so strong and grow so quickly while traveling? That’s exactly why, pure humans connecting around a common passion.

When you go on a trip, you take off your daily peel that skews your true self and you go on an adventure for something new! It is the deep YOU leaving for an adventure. You are completely naked, brand new, vulnerable, you are a no-name. Your daily life, your salary, your beautiful car, your worries, the payments, the stress, the job, everything is left at the airport behind you.

For many people, it has been a long time since they have had access to their deep SELF, overwhelmed by daily life, routine, the 9 to 5.

Take a sabbatical, park your Mercedes in your garage and go find out who you really are.

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