Top cheapest countries to visit this 2022

Cheapest destination to visit in 2022

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By: Samuel Plante & Friends

As the notion of a global pandemic continues to slowly fade into something more and more akin to the life we knew before this all started, travel is sparking up again as we all begin feeling more comfortable with the idea of this new normality.

With traveling in the near horizon, we have at our disposal an infinite number of possible destinations to choose from. Although narrowing it down to the perfect destination might seem like an impossible task which is why when you delve into this list of some of the cheapest countries to visit it will make your decision that much easier. The perfect destination is waiting for you, one that makes for the perfect escape at an unbelievable price.

Top of that list of shockingly affordable and mesmerizing destinations is:

A trip to Mexico

Credit: Jezael Melgoza

Not only does it offer incredibly cheap options it has also remained a flexible option amidst pandemic travel, having little to no restrictions for incoming travelers from anywhere around the world. So, while with most places you might have to factor in the added of expenses of a COVID test here or there with Mexico you will be able to altogether avoid that, which takes out some of the travel planning stress and added expense, which as we all now, adds up.

The vibrant Mexican lifestyle that awaits you seems hard to believe for the price you can find it for, although it is important for you to bear in mind that the most common touristy destinations – for example Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen – will have inflated prices to accommodate for the high number of visitors they attract. If you are planning to visit any of the main tourist hubs don’t be surprised when you encounter similar prices to those of the UK, Canada or the US.

Generally speaking, Mexico has a very affordable lifestyle. One that will have you sipping a cold beer by the beach for 20-30 Mexican pesos which the equivalent of a little over a US dollar. Or enjoying a delicious meal for less than 100 pesos, when in doubt of where or what to eat just wander to any ‘street taco stand’ where you’ll find tacos from 10 to 30 pesos a piece.

Something else worth considering when contemplating whether or not to select Mexico as your next destination is the affordability in flights. You will most definitely be able to find accessible, well-connected and affordable flights from anywhere around the world, a good place we would recommend flying into to kick off your Mexican adventure is either Cancun or Mexico City, where you will most likely find the best-linked and cheapest options.

Next on our list are two somewhat underrated European destination that are both rich in a unique culture and history that is worth exploring.

Travel to Albania and Bosnia.

Credit: Yu Siang Teo

These two countries are typically overlooked by those who are making plans to travel Europe, but you will soon discover that they are incredibly budget friendly and have more to offer than their past will have you believe.

Albania for one boasts a stunning coastline, rich history that will take you back in time to the Ottoman Empire and the gorgeous Alps to admire in the distance.

Meanwhile, Bosnia has an incredible long list of gems its waiting to show you if you gave it the chance. With a very much underrated capital city – Sarajevo, which may be ringing a few bells drawing you back to an important point in history, however aside from the part it played in recent history, this capital city has a vibrant and rich energy, undeniable to anyone who wanders it.

With vibrant markets everywhere and a clash of two different styled architectural buildings throughout the city, which will have you flopping between a glance into the Ottoman Empire to a rich Austro-Hungarian at another.

If you are keen on visiting the European continent for your upcoming travel you might consider factoring these two into your itinerary, and trust us, your wallet will be thanking you for it.

If we travel a bit further away, we’ll find the next country on our list, which is an unbelievable choice of destination.

Vietnam on a budget

Credit: Ruslan Bardash

You will be pinching yourself when you discover the wonders this stunning country holds, from its mouthwatering and versatile food to its breathtaking views. Not to mention how budget-friendly it is! You sleep for 10-15$ and you eat for 1.50-3.00$. Often a destination that the common traveler will skip out on when planning a vacation in southeast Asia, where the typical unimaginative tourist will think to go to Indonesia or Thailand, Vietnam shouldn’t be underestimated.

With its amazing green coasts, bright blue waters full of the passing, colorful boats that can whisk you off to a far stunning beach. Not to mention the delicious meals you will be having for a fraction of the cost in comparison to other destinations.

For the last destination on our list, we are taking you to another part of the world we have yet to mention. 

Traveling in India

Credit: Jeet Dhanoa

A bustling, exhilarating destination with a richness and chaos in the atmosphere that truly has no point of comparison to anywhere else on the planet. Aside from being the home of one of the seven wonders of the world this country has an intense history, breathtaking sights to behold, a menu that will have leave you intoxicated by the abundance of spices and flavors and a bustling atmosphere everywhere you go. The food alone is so good you will almost feel bad for paying sometimes less than one US dollar for a full a meal.

India is a big country but transport within the country is also relatively cheap so you can decide to roam from one side of the country to the other in order to make the most of your Indian adventure.

It seems almost criminal to think that we can get away with traveling to these far off, bits of paradise and enjoy all they have to offer for such a low price. So we shouldn’t hesitate too long and not think twice about going off to our next adventure.

Backpacking trip to Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Penida, Bali

by: Elen from Voyager Connecté

During my world tour and for economy reasons, I naturally stopped in Indonesia. I had read on the internet before that with a very small budget it was easy to travel in a completely correct way. And it turned out to be completely true! As I had little time to devote to this beautiful and large country, I naturally chose to discover the island of Bali, roaming, for 2 weeks.

What seduced me in this country (in addition to the culture and the landscapes of course), it is the incredible purchasing power that one can have by being a tourist. With around thirty dollars spent per day, you can easily enjoy a pretty little guesthouse with a swimming pool, eat “streetfood” in a cozy place or even travel in a tuk tuk. And that’s without counting the many activities on the island at very low cost!

Visiting Bali is a choice that I did not regret and that completely made me want to return to this country later! Moreover, it is not for nothing that the island of the Gods is considered a paradise for backpackers

Thailand travel experience

Long tail alley

By: Marie, Perspectives de voyage

If you are looking for an affordable paradise destination for your next trip, Thailand should be for you! Beyond the plane tickets which depend on the offers of the moment, you will have no trouble eating for cheap and staying at hostels costs less than $20 per night in Thailand.

However, there are some disparities between the high season and the low season where prices plummet even more, as well as between the north and the south of the country. The south of Thailand, where the islands are located, is indeed more touristic and therefore more expensive than the north of the country which is more rural. The town of Pai for exemple, which i highly recommend visiting.

On average, during our 3-week stay in Thailand, we did not spend more than $5 per person per meal! And at that price, we ate very well without ever depriving ourselves and offering ourselves some good restaurants (the food is exquisite in Thailand!)

In terms of accommodation, there is something for all budgets as well. For our part, we managed to find accommodation for an average of $14 per night, in small, charming and comfortable hostels! I This therefore makes Thailand a very cheap country for small budgets.

Visiting Budapest in Hungary

By: Léo and Zoé from Milesaway

The cheapest destination that immediately comes to mind is Budapest. In addition to being very affordable, it is a capital that will perfectly suit any type of trip.

If you need to get away to take some time for yourself and relax, Budapest is perfect for that. There are no less than 10 thermal baths in the city open all year round. The best known are the Széchenyi, Gellért and Rudas baths: between $13 and $24 for entry.

You want to have fun and party? Budapest can delight you with its ruins bars: artistic squats transformed into bars! Incredible and quirky atmosphere. The best known (and the first created) is the Szimpla Kert (1 pint of beer for $2).
Finally, a free activity that is just as essential is to walk around to discover the superb architecture of the city’s buildings such as the magnificent Parliament, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Great Synagogue or even Buda Castle. In addition, art and sculpture lovers can go in search of the many statues!
So don’t hesitate any longer!

Backpacking in Sri Lanka

By: Lise from Making The Road

I have chosen to propose a 3-week itinerary in Sri Lanka to help you choose a low-cost destination in 2022. 

Indeed, I went there with a friend in a backpacking trip, and as many flights for this country Asian and budget locally were very accessible. In particular, if you go beyond Western standards, you can have a nice trip with only $400 per week on site.

Sri Lanka offers as many dream landscapes both in terms of its marine universe and its mountains and reliefs in the center. The places that I recommend are: the beaches of the South like that of Mirissa, hikes in the mountains with the unavoidable ascent of the sacred mount of Sri Pada and the tea fields. But also visit the Cultural Triangle with its temples and Buddhist statues and the animal reserves to observe elephants and even bears!

I believe most destinations in the world can be explored on a budget without sacrificing too much comfort. Backpackers know how to maximize their money no matter where they go. So visit one of these spots and save money to travel even more!


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