5 golden rules to be a good Couchsurfing Guest

5 golden rules to be a good Couchsurfing Guest

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By: Samuel Plante

Couchsurfing is an exceptional way of traveling! Indeed, this allows you to travel at low cost and immerse yourself in the local culture and live as one of them. Here are golden rules to be a good Couchsurfing Guest

Being Host is just as exciting, to be able to live the craze through its guests. It’s like traveling, but at home. These people are looking for other benefits than money, each host has a different motivation to welcome strangers in their guest room or on the couch. Some people only want to meet new people, others want to learn about different cultures, counter loneliness or become a guide for a day. In this way, as a guest it is important to bring one’s salt, this kind of relationship is maintained on both sides and this brings us to the first golden rule:

Respect and peace while travelling


Sure respect, as soon as you enter the house of your host, try to identify the habits and manias of your host. If for example he keeps his shoes in the house. Asking questions, make sure that it is not uncomfortable about the actions you are taking. It’s his home, so his rules.

The gratitude

To be grateful for your Host is the least, there is nothing that requires him to host you, most of them do it for fun. That’s why small touches can be very popular: invite him to have a beer, take a seat at one of your activities or cook him a dinner. Try to identify his motives for being a couchsurfing host and make sure he enjoys his stay as much as you do.

Open minded traveler

Open minded

Everyone has a different culture, different ideas and different habits. You enter directly into the life, the daily life of an “unknown” person so you will probably take part in moments that seem strange to you that diverges from your culture. Stay humble and be open to certain practices.


It is important to show interest in the person who welcomes us. On his daily life, his experience, his life in general, some will open up to you and some less, it depends on the motivations of each other.

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