4 tips for preparing your backpack

4 tips for preparing your backpack

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By: Samuel Plante

As a backpack traveler, your backpack can become your best friend as it can be your worst enemy on a trip where you move a lot if you have not taken the time to prepare it well before leaving. In this article, we share some useful tips to optimize and appreciate the use of your backpack around the world!

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The base: choosing the right backpack

Rule number 1, comfort! Every backpack are not the same, do not buy a bag without trying it! Many stores even offer the option of adding weight inside the bag for your comfort. You must find the right bag that fits your size, your template and your morphology! Do not borrow one from a friend if you plan on leaving for several weeks or if you plan to walk a lot.

Compartmentalize in sub-bags

Compartmentalizing in sub-bags allows you to find yourself better without having to empty your entire bag time to find a particular item. The ideal is to divide the clothes by group and store them separately in mesh bags. When looking for a particular piece, you are able to easily see through the bag and we know which bag to go for, which is easy, especially hostels with 12 “roommates” and a room of 10 square feet! For items that take up more space, such as hot clothes or sleeping bag, we use compressible bags that significantly reduce the volume! For items that may be wet, such as swimsuits, we use small waterproof bags.

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Use the outside of your bag while traveling

When the space is missing inside your bag, do not hesitate to use the outside! Buy carabiners to hang clothes or shoes on the bag loops! You will save space inside the bag. It can also be useful to have a raincoat or warm sweater on hand, or to dry a wet towel while traveling.

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Bring a daypack

Opt for a small bag (maximum 20L), useful for storing valuables and important items such as passports or bank cards when traveling. Some bus companies require that you put big bags in the bus’s suitcases and prevent you from having a watch on it. Stealing clothes is not so bad, but a passport is more complicated.

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